Brodie & Kona



Ryan, a very close  friend of both  Brodie and Kona,  shared his feelings  about them



  RIP ~ Brodie &  Kona


Kathy’s family and our most one of kind beloved dog of all times

Brodie loved sitting at the point with his pal Ryan

He loved getting walks by him

He always got excited when he saw his best friends that didn’t live with him like

Ryan and Dianne

Brodie loved his family

Brodie loved Kathy and did a lot with Kathy and Don and the kids

Chased the ball and loved it

Stayed by our sides all the time

Petey loved humping him and eating him

Petey cries and cries and sleeps in his bed missing Brodie knowing he’s gone forever

Brodie will always be in our hearts and in our mind and lives within our spirit

We may see him again one day

We may have done a lot with him and wish we had done more with him but it

wouldn’t matter

Cause when someone dies we always wish we had done more things

His death may mean we won’t be able to see him ever again but we can see him in

Our memories

Up in heaven if there is one he may be playing there

Chasing balls Kathy’s throwing to him

Running up to his closest friends Kathy, her family, Dianne, and Ryan

Brodie was very forgiving

He was very unique in his looks and personality and was unlike any other dog

Most of us don’t believe he’s gone cause he was real and loving

Lets not think he’s gone cause in a way he’s not

Maybe when we die he will come back to us

If there was one wish it’s to make our loved ones such as Kona and Brodie come

Back to us

Brodie was very forgiving and loving and more

We miss you,

Sincerely your family, (Kathy, Don, Tyler, Dylan, Dianne, Ryan, and Petey)

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