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Come on, let's get our butts to the Mill Valley Dog Park !  It's soo cool there ! You'll see ! It's really BIG and you gotta meet all the neat dogs !


"Some of my best leading men have been dogs and horses." ~ Elizabeth Taylor (1932 ~ 2011) British-born American actress

Park coordinates:

37°53'35"N   122°31'30"W

 From Sausalito /San Francisco

Take the Mill Valley / Stinson Beach / Highway 1 exit from northbound US 101. Pass under the freeway and follow the road for 1 mile to the first stop light.  There will be an ARCO station on your left.

Continue straight ahead through the light for 0.8 miles to the next stop light.  Tamalpais High School will be on your left.

Turn right onto Camino Alto and continue 0.2 Miles to the second stop light. The first stop light is for a pedestrian crossing.  The Methodist Church will be on your right.

Turn right onto Sycamore Ave. and continue 0.05 miles past the Middle School (on the left side)  to the end of the road which is a "turnaround". Follow directions at PARKING below.

From Corte Madera / Larkspur and north

From southbound US 101, take the Mill Valley / Blithedale Ave exit.  When you reach the bottom of the exit ramp, turn right onto Blithdale Ave.  Continue 0.8 miles to the third stop light and turn left onto Camino Alto Ave..  The 76 station will be on your left.  Continue 0.2 miles (past the Mill Valley Community Center on your left) to the first light. Turn left onto Sycamore Ave. and continue 0.05 miles past the Middle School (on the left side)  to the end of the road which is a "turnaround". Follow directions at PARKING below.  

From downtown Mill Valley

The MS MapPoint map below shows local streets leading to the park from elsewhere in Mill Valley.

From anywhere

Click on "Plan route" on the MapPoint link and you can retrieve directions from anywhere in the United States.


 You can find parking along Scyamore Ave., at the "turnaround", in the parking area for 450 Sycamore Ave which is the Sewerage Agency of Southern Marin (don't panic, everything is quite clean, attractive and SAFE) and in the parking lot of the Middle School between the school and the skateboard park.



Click on the "Plan route" link at the top of the MS MapPoint map below which will allow you to plan your route to the park.  It will lead you to 450 Sycamore Ave. (the Sewerage Agency of Southern Marin).  From there or the nearby parking areas on Sycamore Ave. and the Middle School parking lot, follow directions in WALK TO THE DOG PARK below.

"I class myself with Rin Tin Tin. At the end of the Depression, people were perhaps looking for something to cheer them up. They fell in love with a dog, and with a little girl."  ~ Shirley Temple

450 Sycamore Ave, Mill Valley, CA 94941-2232
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Click on the panoramic view below for an aerial view of the Mill Valley Dog Park.  Put your cursor on the middle rectangle.  You can zoom in and out by turning the wheel on your mouse.  The dog park is the bottom of the three green areas.  You can manipulate this view to better see the park's location. Zooming in and out will give you a very clear understanding of how our park "fits" into Mill Valley. 

click on me to see an aerial view of the dog park
"To err is human - to forgive, canine." ~ Anonymous


From parking on Sycamore Ave, the Middle School lot or the 450 Sycamore Ave. lot, walk to the "turnaround". The Bike Path passes the "turnaround" and directly across the Bike path from the "turnaround" you will see a grassy area.  While you can reach the dog park from the Bike Path, it is advisable to walk across the grassy area to the path on the opposite side that follows the shore of the Bay.  Turn right (south) onto this path which is defined by a chain link fence on the right and the shore on the left.  Continue on the path for about 300 feet keeping the chain link fence on your right.  This path will lead you directly into the dog park where you will see a sign welcoming you to the Mill Valley Dog Run.  Please be aware that the paths leading to the dog park are not "off leash

These pictures show the walk from the "turnaround", parking areas, bike path and grassy area and along the bayside path to the dog park.

View of turnaround toward grassy area

Parking lot at 450 Sycamore

the path leads from the grassy area to the bayside path to the dog park
walk pass the fence break between the first two fields, the dog park is the next one
about 100 feet to go--WOOF!
everyone loves the huge lone palm along the bayside path
OH BOY! we're there!